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Victoria Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell

Deadline For Online Campaign Donation Returns

Victor P Taffa

Today is the deadline for the first electronic publication of Victorian council election campaign donation returns, Minister for Local Government Jeanette Powell said.

Mrs. Powell said all candidates in council elections had 40 days after the election to lodge campaign donation returns, disclosing all donations in money or in kind worth $500 or more.

“In order to increase public transparency, a new amendment to the law requires council chief executives to publish summaries of the donation returns on council websites.” Mrs. Powell said.

“The summarised returns must be published online within 14 days of the lodgement date and the deadline for compliance with that requirement is close of business today.”

Mrs. Powell said the amendment brought Victorian council campaign donation disclosures into line with the Australian Electoral Commission’s requirements for political parties.

“The summaries must contain the name of each candidate, the names of all those who gave gifts to them worth $500 or more and the total value of the gift or gifts.” Mrs. Powell said.

Mrs. Powell said the new requirement was one of the 17 recently made amendments to the Local Government Act 1989 covering governance, councillor conduct, rates and municipal charges.

A person who fails to provide a return as required by the Local Government Act 1989 is currently liable to maximum fine of $8, 450.40.

The campaign donation returns must also be made available for inspection at the council office and remain on the internet until approximately two months before the next general election.


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