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Western Australia Minister for Planning John Day

State Government Wants Cottesloe Town Planning Scheme Modifications Readvertised

Victor P Taffa

The Town of Cottesloe’s Draft Local Planning Scheme No.3 will be readvertised with modifications requested by Planning Minister John Day.

Mr. Day said he had accepted advice from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) in requesting the modifications, which sought to facilitate redevelopment opportunities and enhance the Popular Foreshore Area.

“The State Government recognises the significance of the Cottesloe beachfront as a regional recreation and tourism node, and that activation of the Marine Parade activity area requires planning controls which encourage renewal and redevelopment.” the Minister said.

“The main modifications I have requested to draft Scheme No.3 relate to properties fronting Marine Parade between Eric and Forrest streets, including the Ocean Beach and Cottesloe Beach Hotel sites.” Mr. Day said.

“I believe vibrancy will be increased by a requirement for commercial use on the ground floor, and short-stay accommodation on the second floor, reflecting the importance of these uses in this critical tourism area.”

“I also expect both the Ocean Beach and Cottesloe Beach hotels to provide a significant number of short-stay rooms.” Mr. Day said.

For lots fronting Marine Parade between Eric and Forrest streets, the required modifications will set a maximum building height limit of five storeys.

Two exceptions to this height limit will be the Ocean Beach Hotel site and the Lido site, at the corner of Marine Parade and Forrest Street.

“The Ocean Beach Hotel is on 1.1 hectares, lending it to higher development as the effect on the amenity of the immediate area is more manageable.” the Minister said.

“Development over three storeys is proposed to be broken into sections to reduce the visual impact and providing view and breeze corridors.”

“The Lido site is also proposed for higher development as it is the southern entry point to the Cottesloe foreshore area, and could accommodate a landmark building that acts as an entry statement.” Mr. Day said.

Being adjacent to Seaview Golf Course and the mature Norfolk Island Pines, lends this site to opportunities for additional height.

Mr. Day said the proposed modifications would see development on all sites in the Marine Parade activity area restricted to three storeys at the Marine Parade boundary and along side streets.

Development above three storeys would be set back further on the block to reduce visual impact, and prevent overshadowing of potential alfresco areas on adjoining properties.

The Minister said the assessment of draft Scheme No.3 had involved detailed investigation of issues raised in submissions, given the opportunity to promote a high-quality beachfront environment.

“I am aware of the time it has taken for the draft scheme to get to this stage, and that re-advertisement of the modifications as I have requested will delay its finalisation.” Mr. Day said.

“However, it is absolutely critical that planning for this area is done well, with appropriate consideration given to its significance as a key tourism and recreation node for all West Australians.”

“A new Town Planning Scheme is an opportunity for a local government to create better conditions for investment and redevelopment which, in Cottesloe’s case, would help it to attract the level of services and facilities that the area and its users thoroughly deserve.”

Mr. Day said he had asked the Town of Cottesloe to enter into a process of review with LandCorp and the WAPC in relation to the Cottesloe Town Centre.

“I would like to see the development of an appropriate planning framework to provide a greater level of transit-oriented development in the Town Centre Locality.” the Minister said.

“This would include a study of the town centre area, incorporating the Government-owned land west of the railway line, which looks at possible options for improving the traffic issues created by the Jarrad Street Level Crossing, and provides for a greater level of development potential.” Mr. Day said.

Other modifications requested by the Minister related to car parking, vehicle access and protection of heritage elements.

In accordance with the Planning and Development Act 2005, Mr Day has directed the council to advertise the required modifications for a period of 42 days, starting as soon as possible.

“Advertising of these modifications will give the Town of Cottesloe and the wider community the opportunity to provide feedback, which I will weigh up carefully before making my final decision on Town Planning Scheme No.3.” Mr. Day said.


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