Cottesloe State By-Election 2018 First Preference Count

Cottesloe State By-Election 2018 First Preference Count

Polling Day Saturday 17 March 2018

Western Australia Electoral Commission

Cottesloe Voters Have Their Say

Victor P Taffa

Western Australia Electoral Commission has released candidate First Preference Votes polled for the Cottesloe State By-Election held on Saturday 17 March 2018.

Count Status: Results Declared

Count Progress: 66.56%*

* This percent will only reach 100% if all eligible electors vote.

Returning Officer David Hugh PAYNE


Number of Electors: 27,831

Formal Votes:             18,159

Informal Votes:         364

Total Votes:                18,523



7 Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Draw Order

Candidate                  Party/ Independent     Votes               % Vote

HONEY, David          Liberal Party                           10,872             59.87%

TINLEY, Cam             Micro Business Party              605                  3.33%

THOMAS, Michael    Independent                            402                  2.21%

NORRIS, Ron             Western Australia Party          1,636               9.01%

BOLAND, Greg         The Greens (WA)                    3,555               19.58%

TUCAK, Michael       Independent                            977                  5.38%

MALOV, Dmitry        Independent                            112                  0.62%

Total Formal                                                              18,159

Total Informal                                                           364

Total Votes/Ballot Papers                                    18,523


Two Candidate Preferred (after full distribution of preferences)

Candidate               Party               Votes               % Votes

HONEY, David          LIB                 12,738             70.17%

BOLAND, Greg         GRN               5,416               29.83%

11 March 2017 State Election Two Candidate Preferred

Candidate               Party               Votes               %Votes

BARNETT, Colin       LIB                 14,799             63.27%

COLLINS, Caitlin      ALP                8,590               36.73%



LIB                 Liberal Party

ALP                Australian Labor Party

GRN               The Greens (WA)