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South Australia Shadow Minister for Water Security Vickie Chapman

Labor Admits Recycled Water Cost Is Too High

Victor P Taffa

The Weatherill Labor Government has admitted that the high price of recycled wastewater is turning potential customers away.

In his press release today Water Minister Paul Caica stated that:

“We understand that the increasing cost of recycled water may have deterred people from using it.” (Press release, 14/12/2012)

The massive increase in the cost of using recycled wastewater has resulted in less recycled water being used than five years ago.

“Dropping the price is the best way to get people on to using recycled water.” Shadow Minister for Water Vickie Chapman said.

“The current price is still too high, but at least the Government’s admission today and pledge to make changes is a start.”

“The State Liberals have long believed that we need a review of our water pricing system and we would be very keen to see a more equitable pricing for recycled water.”

“We are committed to the use of recycled water and stormwater and we advocated for their increased use over the doubling of the desalination plant.” Ms. Chapman said.


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