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South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

Snelling Criticises Gillard Over Carbon Tax

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Snelling has admitted that uncertainty about Federal Labor’s carbon tax and what it means for household budgets is affecting South Australia’s economy a direct reflection on Prime Minister Gillard’s selling of the tax.

Mr. Snelling made the startling admission at a joint CEDA-IPAA breakfast yesterday, acknowledging that South Australians were worried about the carbon tax and were unsure about what effect it would have on them and their household budget.

“Treasurer Snelling’s comments yesterday are a direct criticism at Prime Minister Gillard and Treasurer Swan for failing to sell their carbon tax policy.” Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans said.

“There is another explanation and that is that South Australians do understand the carbon tax and realise it’s going to cost them more, just like State Labor policies.”


“South Australia is already the highest taxed state in the nation and South Australian households pay the highest capital city water prices in Australia.” Mr. Evans said.

“It was also revealed last week that South Australian families will be more than $1,000 worse off thanks to the State Budget and other cost of living pressures.”

“There is no doubt that Federal Labor’s toxic carbon tax will only increase these cost of living pressures on South Australian households.”

“South Australians will pay $2.3 Million in interest alone every day to service a debt that will blow out to a massive $13 Billion in 2015/16.” Mr. Evans said.

“With the loss of South Australia’s AAA credit rating, financial commentators have predicted that South Australians will pay over $20 million p.a. in extra interest payments on state debt. This will increase cost of living pressures further.”

“If Treasurer Snelling acknowledges that South Australians are worried about the impact of the carbon tax, why won’t he stand up to his Federal Labor colleagues and oppose the tax?” Mr. Evans asked.


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