Cootamundra State By-Election 2017 Timetable Of Events

Cootamundra State By-Election 2017 Timetable Of Events

Cootamundra State By-Election Announcement

Polling Day Saturday 14 October 2017

New South Wales Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

A State By-Election for Cootamundra District will be held on Saturday 14 October 2017. This will be an attendance election.

Key Dates



Monday, 25 September

Issue of Writ

Open candidate registration

Start capped State expenditure period

Open Third-party campaigner registration

Nominations open

10.00 am Open Online Postal Vote applications

10.00 am Start iVote registration

6.00 pm Close of rolls (for nominations)

Wednesday, 27 September

12.00 noon Close of Registered Political Party nominations at NSWEC head office

Thursday, 28 September

Open registration of electoral material

12.00 noon Close of nominations at Returning Officer’s office

12.00 noon Close candidate registration

2.00 pm Conduct of ballot paper draw

Monday, 2 October

Pre-poll voting is open

8.00 am Start iVote voting

Friday, 6 October

5.00 pm Close registration of electoral material

6.00 pm Close registration of third-party campaigners

Monday, 9 October

Declared Institution (DI) voting starts

6.00 pm Close postal vote applications (outside Australia)

Wednesday, 11 October

6.00 pm Close postal vote applications (within Australia)

Friday, 13 October

DI voting ends 6.00 pm

Pre-poll voting ends

Saturday, 14 October

End of capped State expenditure period

8.00 am – 6.00 pm ELECTION DAY

1.00 pm iVote registration closes

6.00 pm iVote voting closes

Wednesday, 18 October

6.00 pm Close of return of postal votes

Thursday, 19 October

9.00 am Distribution of preferences (if required)

Friday, 24 November

Last day of return of Writ

Monday, 26 March 2018

Close of claims from Election Campaigns Fund


2015 State Election Result

Candidate                           Party                     Preferred Votes         % of Preferred Votes

HODGKINSON, Katrina      The Nationals       31,896                                70.42%

SHEAHAN, Charlie               Country Labor      13,400                                29.58%