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Queensland Acting Minister for Arts Bruce Flegg

BHP And Museum Co-Operate On Reef

Victor P Taffa

Acting Arts Minister Bruce Flegg today (21 September) announced a new partnership between the Museum of Tropical Queensland and BHP Billiton Cannington that will foster deeper knowledge about the Great Barrier Reef.

Dr. Flegg said scientists from the Museum of Tropical Queensland were using a $450,000 sponsorship grant from BHP Billiton Cannington to study coral species which live in deep reef waters.

“The team is using new technology and robotics to delve deeper below reef waters to investigate little explored parts of the reef and study the long-term survival of coral species that live there.” Dr. Flegg said.


“The partnership with BHP Billiton Cannington will also make this research available through exhibitions, publications and other activities, sharing the story of the reef’s rich marine biodiversity with Queenslanders.”

“This will include a new exhibition, Colour: The Secret Language of the Reef, which will showcase the ecological diversity of the Great Barrier Reef.” Dr. Flegg said.

“It also includes publication of the Wild Guide to the Great Barrier Reef, the seventh title in Queensland Museum’s Wild Guide series.”

Dr. Flegg said that research into the reef and protection of its diversity of life was essential for Queensland’s future.

The research is being undertaken by Queensland Museum Principal Scientist Dr. Carden Wallace in collaboration with other Queensland Museum scientists, James Cook University and The University of Queensland.

Cannington Asset President Laura Tyler said BHP Billiton was proud to work with the Queensland Museum to help highlight the importance of protecting our natural environment.

“The programs from the partnership aim to increase people’s appreciation of our natural assets and biodiversity.” Ms. Tyler said.

“The Great Barrier Reef is such an important part of our community and it’s important all Queenslanders can learn from it and share its remarkable beauty.”

“This partnership aligns strongly with our company’s business and our commitment to support local social and environment programs.”


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