Contract Signed For HCMT Trains

Contract Signed For HCMT Trains

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

Contract Signed On New Trains That Put Passengers First

Victor P Taffa

Contract for the biggest order of new trains in Victoria’s history is signed, and the local build begins next year.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan today announced that a consortium led by Downer Rail will build the 65 High Capacity Metro Trains (HCMT) being delivered by the Andrews Government.

“We’re investing in new trains built in Victoria, for Victoria putting local jobs and local train users first.” Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan said.

“Together with the removal of every level crossing between Dandenong and the city, these new trains will reduce crowding and make the daily commute more comfortable for thousands of passengers.”

Awarding of the $2 Billion contract paves the way for construction of the new trains, which are 20 % bigger and will reduce crowding on Victoria’s busiest rail corridor the Cranbourne Pakenham line before running as a dedicated fleet from Pakenham to Sunbury through the new Metro Tunnel.

Every one of the new trains will be built in Victoria, with 60 % local content, exceeding the State Government’s commitment to 50 % local content.

Compared to the previous-Liberal Government, who were going to build trains in South Korea and offshore the jobs that come with it, the Labor Government’s project will create 1,100 highly-skilled local jobs.

“These new trains will create 1,100 highly-skilled jobs and provide experience and opportunities to young workers, and people re-skilling from other sectors, including the auto-industry.” Minister for Industry and Employment Wade Noonan said.

“These new trains are an investment in people in their livelihoods and the time they get to spend with loved ones. The contract is signed, and work starts next year we’re getting it done.”

15% of work on the project will be carried out by apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets, giving young and re-skilling workers a head start in their new careers.

Through partnerships with Toyota, Chisholm Institute and Swinburne University, the HCMT project will also create opportunities for workers transitioning from the automotive industry.

Together with the $1.6 Billion Caulfield to Dandenong Level Crossing Removal Project, the new trains will increase capacity on the Cranbourne Pakenham line by 42 %, creating room for 11,000 extra passengers in the peak.

First HCMT will be delivered and in testing by November 2018, ready to enter service in 2019. All 65 trains will be ready for the opening of the Metro Tunnel in 2026.

VIC MInister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

VIC MInister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan








Sets Of Points And Cross-Over Tracks

Sets of Points enable trains to go onto different tracks and lines. Sets of Points ads flexibility into a rail network. Sets of Points will enhance the performance of all rail lines including the City Loop and new City Line.

Unless new lines have Sets of Points you end up with Network Strangulation which is what the current system has.

Where trains simply shunts backwards and forwards on the same line that feeds into a network does not provide the system with any flexibility. Where trains do these delays occur and they simply compound problems as trains have nowhere to go.

Cross-Over Tracks allows trains to cross from one track to another which also provides flexibility in the rail network when terminating services or getting around a service disruption.

Rigid railway lines without Sets Of Points and Cross-Over Tracks does not give a rail network any ability to overcome service delays and simply compounds problems for commuters.


Bigger Train Carriages

Bigger Train Carriages sounds great but also slows down the movement of passengers on and off a train or increases ‘dwell times’ at Railway Stations.

Bigger Train Carriages also requires longer Platforms that increase overall costs of construction of the project.