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Victoria Minister for Education Martin Dixon

New School For Blind And Vision Impaired Students

Victor P Taffa

Education Minister Martin Dixon today kicked off construction on a permanent home for Victoria’s specialist school for blind and vision impaired students.

Mr. Dixon said the Victorian Coalition Government has delivered on its $2.14 Million commitment to help the Insight Education Centre for the Blind and Vision Impaired establish a permanent home, which will be located near Nossal High School at Monash University’s Berwick campus.

“The Coalition Government is ensuring that children with vision impairments have access to the support they need for a high quality education.” Mr. Dixon said.

“This new school will provide the facilities, services and support that is necessary to ensure vision impaired students can enjoy a full and balanced education.”

“The Coalition Government supports Insight Education Centre’s mission to help blind and vision impaired children achieve their potential through a balanced education system.”

“Today is a major milestone in education for vision impaired students, and this new school will help generations of vision impaired students to reach their potential.” Mr. Dixon said.

With construction underway, the school is expected to be ready for student’s mid-way through 2013. It is anticipated that the school will open for the start of 2013 in a temporary campus at Beacon Hills College.

The school will also offer professional development for teachers, in partnership with Monash University.

Insight’s centre will be built in stages, with the first stage comprising a primary school building including six classrooms, four activity and therapy rooms, a staff room and kitchen.

Plans for the second stage of the project include a Centre for Excellence, which will be a hub for future specialist education units throughout Victoria.


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