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Queensland Shadow Minister for Child Safety Ted Malone

Labor Ignores Foster Parents

Victor P Taffa

Child Safety Minister Phil Reeves has admitted that complaints by foster parents were being ignored while arrogantly claiming to have one of the most open and comprehensive reporting systems of all Child Safety services in Australia.

A Question on Notice by Shadow Minister for Child Safety Ted Malone has confirmed complaints by foster parents were not being collated.

Mr. Malone said Labor and Phil Reeves were treating foster parents and kinship carers with contempt.

“Foster parents constantly report being ignored and now Mr Reeves has confirmed this to be fact.” Mr. Malone said.


Mr. Malone said letters to the Editor of QWeekend further verified the lack of support with a child protection staffer stating the system was “understaffed and underfunded” and foster carers were suffering.

“It’s clear those six years after the 2005 CMC inquiry into the Abuse of Children in Foster Care that little has changed.”

“Once again, Labor has forgotten the needs of these important heroes and the most important people, foster children, who are at the centre of the issue.”

Mr. Malone said only the Liberal National Party was committed to giving foster parents a voice with a root and branch overhaul of child safety and its service delivery.

“Foster carers and at-risk children deserve far better than the arrogance of Mr. Reeves whose Government has blown tens of millions of dollars on a new computer system but then refuses to provide basic details on the level of complaints being received.” Mr. Malone said.

Labor Government’s continually profess to have concern for social justice and equality. When action is required these same Labor Government’s are found wanting.

The same Labor Government’s oppose Editor Victor P Taffa to work for the Baillieu Victoria Government for fear that he will actually do something. People who just want to talk in life and NOT build Railway and Tramway Lines are ignoring the demands of the silent majority who would use these services if they were provided by all Government’s.

In life actions speak louder than words and this includes the protection of children in society.


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