Community Housing Has An Important Role To Play

Community Housing Has An Important Role To Play

Victoria Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell

Community Housing Sector Highlighted

Victor P Taffa

Housing Minister Wendy Lovell has highlighted the work of the not-for-profit, community housing sector at a conference in Melbourne today.

Ms. Lovell joined senior representatives from the building, finance and community housing sectors at the 2011 state conference of the Community Housing Federation of Victoria at Etihad Stadium.

The theme for the conference is Acorn to Oak Creating the blueprint for the growth of community housing in Victoria.

“This is a great time to bring together the community housing sector, government, philanthropy and private finance and development to consider the opportunities that community housing offers and the important work the sector does.” Ms. Lovell said.


“In 2009, the State Parliament established an inquiry into the adequacy and future directions of public housing in Victoria, which reported back in September last year.”

“In response to this inquiry’s report, the Victorian Coalition Government recommended the development of a housing framework to set a new strategy for housing that tackles the housing needs of lower-income and socially disadvantaged Victorians.”

“The Victorian Government is committed to reshaping social housing, including public and community housing, to encourage personal and family responsibility, and to help tenants increase their skills, productivity and engagement with the wider community.” Ms. Lovell said.

Ms. Lovell told the conference the Victorian Government was looking at a number of possible changes for social housing in Victoria.

“For example, my belief is that for many people, social housing should be a pathway towards greater self-reliance and independence, rather than an end in itself.” Ms. Lovell said.

“The focus should be on providing the right assistance at the right time, to get the best possible housing outcome for that individual in the short, medium and long term.”

“We should be taking a broader approach to delivering assistance to improve people’s housing circumstances; supporting our tenants to make the transition to greater independence.”

“We should be ensuring that households are not locked into poverty that they are increasing their skills and participating in employment and the community wherever possible.”

“I wish the conference all the best.” Ms. Lovell said.