Colton District South Australia State Election 2018 First Preference Votes

Colton District South Australia State Election 2018 First Preference Votes

Polling Day Saturday 17 March 2018

South Australia Electoral Commission

Colton Voters Go To The Polls

Victor P Taffa

South Australia Electoral Commission has released candidate First Preference Votes polled for Colton District in the South Australia State Election held on Saturday 17 March 2018.

27,600 Electors Enrolled

5 Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Draw Order

Candidate                           Party               Votes            % Vote

PETHERICK Paul                  GRN               1,404               5.7%

WOOD Jassmine                     SAB                3,459               14.1%

COWDREY Matt                   LIB                 11,685             47.6%

EVANS Ted                           DIG                 271                  1.1%

VAUGHAN Angela               ALP                7,733               31.5%

Total Formal:                                          24,552             96.8%

Total Informal:                                          808                  3.2%

Total Ballot Papers:                               25,360             100.00%


Two Candidate Preferred

Candidate                       Party               Votes               % Vote

COWDREY Matt                   LIB                 14,211             57.9%

VAUGHAN Angela               ALP                10,341             42.1%

Results Are Final



GRN               The Greens

SAB                South Australia Best

LIB                 Liberal Party

DIG                 Dignity Party Inc.

ALP                Australian Labor Party