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Western Australia Minister for Energy Peter Collier

State Energy Initiative – Regional Consultative Forums

Victor P Taffa

Energy Minister Peter Collier has welcomed community feedback from a series of State-Wide consultation forums held to help shape Western Australia’s Energy Future.

Attending a number of the forums, Mr Collier said they were a key part of developing the State Government’s Strategic Energy Initiative: Energy 2030 and reaffirmed the value of consultation about WA’s Future Energy Needs.

Organised by the Office of Energy, the sessions involved Community Members, Energy Sector Stakeholders, Businesses, Local Government and State Government Agencies.

“The forums provided a valuable opportunity to hear what people think in relation to our energy use over the next 20 years.” the Minister said.




“There was robust discussion about issues as varied as energy affordability, the role of renewable energy, investment in energy infrastructure and the role of technology in providing household energy savings.”

“Ensuring adequate energy supply to meet predicted industry and population growth was also a common theme emerging from stakeholder discussions.” Mr. Collier said.

“This contribution is exactly what is needed to assist Government in developing an energy initiative that can address the challenges the State will face.”

Mr. Collier said all contributions from the consultation process would be reviewed and prioritised for consideration by the Government in a directions paper to be released soon.

The community will continue to have the opportunity to provide further input following its release.


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