Colac Central To Victoria Contributing 83 % Of Australia’s Dairy Exports

Colac Central To Victoria Contributing 83 % Of Australia’s Dairy Exports

Victoria Treasurer Tim Pallas

The Cream Rising To The Top At Bulla

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Tim Pallas today visited one of Australia’s best known brands, Bulla, to talk about the Government’s $200 Million Future Industries Fund.

Visiting the Bulla Food Company in Colac, the Treasurer toured the company’s Innovation Centre, a facility that provides Bulla with a new pilot plant and micro lab for efficient product trials and testing. The overall goal of the facility is to improve research, technical, sensory and pilot plant capabilities.

“Jobs are central to the prosperity of Victoria’s regions, and Bulla Colac’s biggest employer is a great example of a business that is leading the charge.” Treasurer Tim Pallas said.


“Bulla, completes with its new forward thinking Innovation Centre, is well placed to continue expanding its exports in to the growing Asian markets and with it, create more local jobs.”

The dairy industry plays a very significant role in the Colac region, with Bulla an important part of the regional economy. Bulla is Colac’s biggest employer, and employs more than 500 people across Victoria.

With about 79,000 new jobs created since the Andrews Government was elected, the reported unemployment rate in the Colac region has more than halved in that time, and is currently well below the state average.

In 2014-15, Victorian dairy exports were valued at $2 Billion, accounting for 83 % of the value of Australia’s dairy exports.

With companies like Bulla looking to increase dairy exports to the burgeoning Asian market over the next few years, the Government has set up the $200 Million Future Industries Fund.

“That’s why the Andrews Government has set up the $200 Million Future Industries Fund, to support sectors like food and fibre increases their reach into the global marketplace and further boost Victoria’s economy.” Treasurer Pallas said.

The Fund supports high growth, high value industries that are critical to securing Victoria’s future as a competitive, innovative and outward looking economy.

The Government has identified six priority sectors that have potential for strong economic growth and the capacity to create high-skill, high-wage jobs.

The sectors includes medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, new energy technologies, transport, defence and construction technologies, international education, professional services, and food and fibre.

The Fund support companies in these six high growth sectors to compete in the global marketplace through three separate grant programs.