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Victoria Shadow Minister for Health David Davis

Coalition Provides $2 Million For Ballan Hospital Redevelopment

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will provide $2 Million to redevelop the Ballan and District Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital and bring its infrastructure into the 21st century, Shadow Minister for Health David Davis said today.

“Premier John Brumby has neglected Victorian Hospitals, particularly Bush Nursing Hospitals such as Ballan and it is important that the local community has access to quality health care.” Mr. Davis said.

The Coalition’s $2 Million Redevelopment will include the addition of:

  •  Up to 7 Transitional Care Beds;
  • An Improved 24 Hour Emergency Stabilisation Centre;
  • New X-Ray Imaging Facilities;
  • Improved Outpatient and Visitor Facilities;
  • New Palliative Care Centre;
  • 2 WIES-Funded Acute Public Beds.

“This hospital began life as a Ballan and District Soldiers’ Memorial Bush Nursing Hospital in 1966, and facilities here have served the Ballan community well.” Mr. Davis said.

“The redeveloped Ballan Hospital will be able to integrate its activities with the primary care centre it already manages, making the performance of both stronger, offering a more integrated set of services and assisting in the key task of retaining local General Practitioners.”

“The current Ballan facilities are not up to the job of meeting the needs of Ballan’s growing community into the future.”

“There is a need to update the facilities to enable the provision of the highest standard of patient care and to meet the needs of Population Growth.” Mr. Davis said.

“The proud tradition of community-run health care facilities is best honoured by planning for the future and the local community, which has, in conjunction with Ballan District Health and Care, already started raising part of the funds needed to get this project underway.”

“The Coalition redevelopment will allow the hospital to grow with the Ballan community, which is forecast to grow by 41 % over the next 20 years.”

“Ballan is a distinct region with its own transport, services and regional identity. It has a long and productive relationship with Ballarat Health but clearly there is a genuine need for local services for this unique community on the edge of the city.”

“John Brumby promised 11 long years ago that he would fix the health system and focus on the basics, yet we can see from the of lack investment by the Brumby Labor Government in Ballan that he has forgotten about the basics.” Mr. Davis said.

Ben Taylor Liberal Candidate for Ballarat East

Ben Taylor Liberal Candidate for Ballarat East









“By working with the community, we have achieved a great commitment to improving healthcare in Ballan and surrounding regions.” Liberal candidate for Ballarat East Ben Taylor said.

“I want to pay tribute to the terrific work done by Ballan District Health and Care. They are doing a fantastic job with the limited resources they have been given and I’m glad that the Liberal Nationals Coalition will be able to help drive this important project forward.”

“By adding a modern hospital facility, Ballan District Health and Care will become an integrated centre that services the growing community.” Mr. Taylor said.


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