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Victoria Minister for Water Peter Walsh

CEO Announced For Office Of Living Victoria

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Water Peter Walsh today announced Chris Chesterfield as Chief Executive Officer of the newly-established Office of Living Victoria.

The Office of Living Victoria has been created by the Victorian Government in response to independent advice from the Living Victoria Ministerial Advisory Council contained in the Living Melbourne, Living Victoria Implementation Plan.

Mr. Walsh said the Government supported the vision outlined in the implementation plan for creating a smart resilient water system for a liveable, sustainable and productive Melbourne.

“The Office of Living Victoria will be established to drive reform by co-ordinating water and urban planning.” Mr. Walsh said.

“The Government is committed to changing the way we plan for Melbourne’s future water needs and I believe the appointment of Chris Chesterfield as CEO will help drive this reform.”

“In the first 12 months, the Office of Living Victoria will focus on integrated water planning, including the development of integrated water cycle plans for inner Melbourne and the city’s four main growth areas.”

“It will also prepare a regulatory impact statement for building controls to improve the water performance of new buildings and work with the Department of Planning and Community Development to amend Victorian planning provisions to improve stormwater management.” Mr. Walsh said.

Mr. Chesterfield is currently the general manager of waterways at Melbourne Water, a position he has held for eight years.

“Chris’ experience in the water sector and working with the urban planning sector will assist in leading reform and change to the way we manage water in our urban spaces.” Mr. Walsh said.

Mr. Walsh said the Government had a substantial process ahead to overhaul the urban water system and place greater focus on local solutions instead of costly, large-scale infrastructure such as desalination.

“These reforms will drive generational change in the way Melbourne uses rainwater, stormwater and recycled water and provide Victoria’s next major water augmentation.” Mr. Walsh said.


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