Click Clack Front And Back

Click Clack Front And Back

Queensland Shadow Minister for Main Roads, Transport & Road Safety Fiona Simpson

Safe Driving Means More Than Just Speed

Victor P Taffa

With Nearly One third of all Road Deaths still caused by failing to wear safety belts a key message for Queensland Motorists and Passengers this Holiday Period was to ‘buckle-up’ , the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister for Main Roads, Transport and Road Safety Fiona Simpson said the Bligh Labor Government’s Fixation with Speed Cameras was taking the focus off a more holistic Road Safety message to address all causes.

“Speed does kill and it requires enforcement, but so do other factors which don’t earn the government the amount of money Speed Cameras can.” Ms. Simpson said.


“It’s time to get some balance back with more Police on the Roads and greater, effective Education.”

“Government Statistics show 23.8 % die due to Speeding on the Roads. However, Unrestrained Passengers account for 31 % of the Road Toll and as a Proportion of Accidents this has trended up from 26 % of Accidents.” Ms. Simpson said.

“Illegal Manoeuvres Accounted for 20.4 % of Accidents, up from 17.3 %.”

Ms. Simpson said Queensland Motorists deserved praise for the cut in the State Road Toll, but greater vigilance was required because there were still hundreds of People killed and thousands left injured.

“The best way to do that is educate the Public and also use a greater Police Presence …especially along known accident Hot Spots.” Ms. Simpson said.

“Buckle up, slow down, and drive with care. Furthermore, enjoy the festive season but avoid driving tired or over the limit.”

“My colleague, the Shadow Police Minister Glen Elmes and I agree that the Bligh Labor Government should focus all available Police Resources, including Speed Cameras on Black Spots, to ensure that our Roads and Highways are free of dangerous drivers.” Ms. Simpson said.

“Road safety needs to be multi-faceted with Police and Community in partnership to keep down Road Accidents and Fatalities over the Holiday Period.” Ms. Simpson said.

Weekly Road Toll Report. Downloaded 10/12/10. 2004 / 2005 to 2008 / 2009 Average = 26 %; 2009 / 2010 = 31.3% deaths due to unrestrained vehicle occupant.