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Liberal Candidate for Bass Steve Titmus

Albanese Must Assure Tasmanians Our Skies Are Safe

Victor P Taffa

Federal Liberal candidate for Bass, Steve Titmus, has called on Federal Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese, to assure Tasmanians our skies are safe.

“Minister Albanese needs to step up to the plate and assure Tasmanians that our skies are safe.”

“Labor’s candidate for Bass, Geoff Lyons, said on Wednesday that he had raised concerns with Minister Albanese.”

“But what good has that done? The silence has been deafening from the Federal Government on this issue.” Mr. Titmus said.

“It’s all very well for Minister Michelle O’Byrne to say she thinks the skies are safe, but air safety is the responsibility of the Federal Government.”

“Even Premier Lara Giddings has confirmed that it was a matter for the Commonwealth to investigate any air safety concerns” Mr. Titmus said. (The Examiner, 21 July)

Mr. Titmus also called on the Federal Government to release a report relating to air safety at 10 Australian airports, including Launceston, provided to the Government recently and which Airservices Australia and CASA are now understood to be implementing.

This is separate to the ATSB report on the 2008 safety incident over Launceston which made no recommendations.

“Minister Albanese must release this report.” Mr. Titmus said.

Airport Safety over Sydney is also a concern. Mascot Airport is the best location for an airport in relation to the distance from the Sydney CBD. However there has been real no answers given as to why Badgery’s Creek was abandoned as a location for second Sydney Airport.

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