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Clean Green Options

Victoria Shadow Minister for Environment & Climate Change Mary Wooldridge

Victoria Shadow Minister for Urban Water Louise Asher

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle

Coalition’s Green Roof Plan To Cool Melbourne

Victor P Taffa

Melbourne’s Concrete Rooftops will be transformed into thriving gardens under a Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Plan to reduce heat and make Melbourne more liveable, Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change Mary Wooldridge said today.

Announcing the initiative with Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and Shadow Minister for Urban Water Louise Asher, Ms Wooldridge said the Coalition’s $5 Million Living Victoria Green Roof Plan will deliver innovative strategies and projects to reduce energy use and cool city buildings and offices.



“The Coalition’s ‘Living Victoria’ plan will fund Integrated Water Cycle Management projects to filter rainwater into rooftop gardens in Melbourne’s CBD.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

“The Coalition will work in partnership with Melbourne City Council to start greening Melbourne’s Rooftops.”

“Melbourne’s Rooftop Gardens will improve air quality, conserve energy and reduce the temperature of urban ‘heat islands’.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

Shadow Minister for Urban Water Louise Asher said green roofs can insulate apartments, shopping centres, skyscrapers and other commercial buildings from extreme weather and absorb and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Rooftop gardens are effective in conserving energy and reduce electricity bills and provide a relaxing environment for people escaping the bustle of our busy city.” Ms. Asher said.

Melbourne’s Central Business District can be up to 7° Celsius warmer than other areas and with growth in development, urban infrastructure and population, temperatures in the CBD are likely to be higher in the future.

Green roofs reduce stormwater flow, filter and cool water run-off and stop toxins from entering our waterways.

The Coalition’s green roof partnership with Melbourne City Council will reintroduce water into the urban landscape to minimise the city’s footprint and cool the city in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


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VIC Shadow Minister for Urban Water Louise Asher

VIC Shadow Minister for Urban Water Louise Asher