Children Under Government Care Are Ignored

Children Under Government Care Are Ignored

Queensland Shadow Minister for Families Housing & Communities Ted Malone

Labor Fails Children In State Care

Victor P Taffa

Queensland Children in state care were being dealt a double whammy by a state education system which had failed to adequately address their needs, the Liberal National Party said today.

Shadow Minister for Families, Housing & Communities Ted Malone said literacy and numeracy statistics for Queensland Children in state care which showed them consistently performing below their interstate counterparts were a disgrace.

“These children already come from difficult circumstances and shouldn’t be further disadvantaged by a state education system which is clearly not meeting their needs.” Mr. Malone said.


“When almost half of all Queensland children under state protection fail to score the national minimum for literacy and numeracy that should send a clear message to those responsible for educating them that some is drastically amiss.”

“These children are among the most vulnerable in the state and while Bligh and Labor is happy to talk-up what they claim they do for the disadvantaged, their actions always fall well short of their words.” Mr. Malone said.

“These figures are a disgrace because what they show is that not only are these children being disadvantaged academically, they are being programmed to be further disadvantaged in their later lives.”

“The stability and opportunities offered by quality education are vital to all children, especially those who have little control over other aspects of their lives.”

“If children in similar circumstances in other state can consistently perform better than Queensland children it simply further proves that Bligh and Labor have failed to adequately address the education needs of those children in its care.” Mr. Malone said.