Child Protection Lurches From Crisis To Crisis

Child Protection Lurches From Crisis To Crisis

Victoria Shadow Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge

Brumby Fails To Retain Child Protection Workers

Victor P Taffa

Freedom of Information Documents obtained by the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition reveal the Brumby Government’s failure to retain frontline child protection workers to undertake the critical work of keeping children safe, Shadow Minister for Community Services Mary Wooldridge said today.

The data reveals that in 2009 the Brumby Government failure to retain frontline Child Protection Workers meant 231 workers, almost a quarter of the child protection workforce, left their jobs right across the state.




The documents show:

  • The vast majority of departures are front-line workers with responsibility for the assessment, planning and case management of children and young people;
  • 24 % of staff had left within six months of commencing their job;
  • 41 % left of staff despite being in their job less than 12 months;
  • Some workers left within just a few days or weeks of starting.

“This information reveals the chaos and chronic problems in the Child Protection workforce under John Brumby.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

“Staff resignations are the result of systemic failures in the Child Protection System which are only getting worse under Premier John Brumby not better.”

“Staff working in Victoria’s Child Protection System is under immense pressure because of long-term mismanagement and neglect by Labor. This staffs does their best under incredibly difficult circumstances but are leaving in droves because of John Brumby’s mismanagement of child protection services.”

“This government can’t keep up with the massive resignations and departures of staff.” Ms. Wooldridge said.

“As a result, thousands of neglected and abused children have not been allocated a case worker and instead of being protected may have actually been placed in further harm’s way because of the Brumby Government’s incompetence.”

“The Brumby Government is tired, has no solution to the crisis in the child protection system and has failed to retain workers, leaving the most vulnerable children at risk as the system lurches from crisis to crisis.” Ms. Wooldridge said.