Chief Minister Short On Answers With Carbon Tax

Chief Minister Short On Answers With Carbon Tax

Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Henderson Should Talk Carbon

Victor P Taffa

The Chief Minister should broaden the scope of his discussions with the Prime Minister to include receiving a detailed explanation of the impacts of a carbon tax in the Northern Territory.

Opposition Leader Terry Mills said Paul Henderson should explain what impact the carbon tax will have on Territory households.

“Federal Labor could pocket hundreds of millions of dollars from the Northern Territory if the carbon tax is introduced.”

“The Government’s climate change adviser, Ross Garnaut, wants to price carbon at between $20 and $30 a tonne, increasingly progressively in subsequent years.”

“Given the Territory emits about 10 Million tonnes of carbon every year excluding savannah burning that means the taxpayer could be forced to stump up $200 Million p.a. in the Federal Government’s tax on everything.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Chief Minister needs to get commitments from the Commonwealth that the carbon tax won’t hurt the pastoral sector, the tourism industry and the mining sector.”

“As well, he must receive a guarantee from the Prime Minister that the cost of petrol and a basket of groceries will not increase if a carbon tax is introduced.”

“Labor has jacked up the price of electricity by 25% over the past two years. It’s important he also receives a commitment there will be no further increase under Federal Labor’s tax hike.” Mr. Mills said.

Paul Henderson has a history of compliantly bowing to the wishes of the Federal Government and not standing up for Territorians.

“This was on display when he uncomplainingly agreed to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s health reform plan and the Super Profits Tax.”

“Embarrassingly for Paul Henderson, both those dodgy plans were dumped leaving him with egg on his face and exposed as a policy sycophant.”

“When it comes to the carbon tax, Territorians are entitled to answers.” Mr. Mills said.