Chief Minister Plans To Increase Police Officer Numbers By 120 Over 4 Years

Chief Minister Plans To Increase Police Officer Numbers By 120 Over 4 Years

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

Chief Minister Will Give Police The Numbers They Need

Victor P Taffa

Chief Minister Michael Gunner today outlined a four-year recruitment plan to increase Territory Police numbers by 120 over the term of the Gunner Government.

Chief Minister Gunner said his Government would guarantee the funding needed for the Northern Police Fire and Emergency Services (NTPFES) to initiate a recruitment campaign to maximise front-line Police numbers in the Territory.

“In last year’s election we promised to honour the CLP’s (Country Liberal Party) broken promise about delivering 120 extra Police.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“Today I am announcing our intention to invest in extra front-line Police with a four-year recruitment package which will give Police certainty into the future.”

“Police need certainty around number. The CLP promised an extra 120 Police but last year’s annual report showed they delivered just 14 extra positions over four years.”

“We want to see the Police College working at maximum capacity over the next four years turning out quality recruits.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“Indications are that if College can do that between now and August 2020 we should see an overall increase Police numbers of 120.”

“That would require an additional 18 recruit squads sworn in between now and August 2020. Today I am committing to funding which will allow that to happen.”

“Commissioner Reece Kershaw and his team deserve to be a position where they can confidently develop long-term rostering plans. They will get that ability with guaranteed certainty around numbers.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“Today I’m committing my Government to backing the Commissioner and his senior command to building a force which isn’t fighting with one hand tied behind its back as it strives to serve and protect Territorians.”

“Over the last four years numbers have not kept pace with the increased demand on our Police.”

“That has seen resources stretched and additional pressure being placed on our front-line officers who are doing their best for Territorians every time they put on their uniforms.” Chief Minister Gunner said.