Chief Minister Announces 3 Point Plan To Revitalise Darwin CBD

Chief Minister Announces 3 Point Plan To Revitalise Darwin CBD

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner

$100 Million To Transform The Darwin CBD

Victor P Taffa

Chief Minister Michael Gunner says revitalising the Darwin CBD to create Australia’s defining Capital of the North is a critical major project for the Gunner Government.

Chief Minister Gunner has today unveiled a $100 Million Budget 17 plan to rejuvenate the Darwin CBD, creating hundreds of local jobs and transforming our city centre into a world-class tourist and cultural destination.

“Darwin is the Capital of North Australia, and we must invest in it to provide a sense of significance.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“We need to focus our city on the beautiful Darwin Harbour and we need to cool the city down so we can make it more liveable and give it a stronger sense of place.”

“We need to link the Waterfront to Cullen Bay to provide one continuous and connected city that is a drawcard for both locals and tourists alike.”

“It was made very clear at the economic summits that the time to enliven and reinvigorate the CBD is well overdue. The business community and community in general told us this and we are acting on it.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“Budget 2017 has a $100 Million down payment on this project. A lot of planning work is already underway with a lot more to go. We have to get this right.” Chief Minister Gunner said.

“We will be unveiling plans in November this year and we expect to start work on construction of parts of this project in 2017-18.”

Chief Minister Gunner said he was seeking to match the Territory Government’s $100 Million contribution with similar support from the Federal Government’s Smart Cities Deals.

Chief Minister Gunner said $100 Million had been allocated over four years, with the first of the funding kicking in this financial year to begin the rebuild of State Square.

Three major CBD revitalising projects are:

1) Finishing State Square (Stage 1)

This will include:

  • Freeing up space and reducing a major heat generation source by undergrounding 400 carparks near the Supreme Court with construction expected to start in 2017-18;
  • Demolishing the Chan Building and moving the NTG computer centre that is a three year project which must be carefully handled to protect the Government major computer centre;
  • Building a Fine Arts Gallery in the State Square;
  • Moving the bus terminal;
  • Refurbishing the Old Reserve Bank which will include updating the building and road parking area for tourist bus and cruise ship connections;
  • Removing the old Naval Fuel Tanks, unlocking land for potential future development.

 2) Moving Students and part of Charles Darwin University (CDU) to the Darwin CBD

An interagency taskforce will be established to work closely with CDU to support its strategy for growth. This will include exploring opportunities around the housing of students and the location of some schools of the CDU in the CBD.

Chief Minister Gunner said having students in the CBD has brought the city to life in other areas, including Melbourne and Hobart.

This project could see existing buildings re-purposed for accommodation and learning facilities.

3 Museum at Old Hospital Site

Historic Old Hospital site would be preserved for the Territory public and form the site of a major new Museum of the Northern Territory.