Cheltenham District State By-Election 2019 Nominated Candidates

Cheltenham District State By-Election 2019 Nominated Candidates

Polling Day Saturday 9 February 2019

South Australia Electoral Commission

Cheltenham By-Election Candidates

Victor P Taffa

House of Assembly nominations have now closed for the Cheltenham by-election to be held on Saturday 9 February 2019. South Australia Electoral Commission has announced candidates and are listed in ballot paper order.

5 Candidates In Ballot Paper Order

POS    Candidate                  Affiliation

1          MILLER, Peter           LDP

2          LESIW, Mike              IND

3          SZAKACS, Joe          ALP

4          MEDROW, Steffi       GRN

5          DE JONGE, Rob        IAO


2018 State Election Result

Candidate                          Party          Preferred Votes         % of Preferred Votes

WEATHERILL, Jay               ALP                14,662                            65.9%

PRATT, Penny                       LIB                 7,599                               34.1%



POS                 Ballot Position

LDP                Liberal Democrats

IND                 Independent The Other Guy

ALP                Australian Labor Party

GRN               The Greens

IAO                 Independent Adelaide Olympics 2032

LIB                 Liberal Party