Charity Begins At Home

Charity Begins At Home

Queensland Shadow Minister for Families and Communities Ted Malone

Floods Increase Homelessness

Victor P Taffa

Finding Shelter and Providing Support for Queenslanders made homeless by the floods, must be an urgent priority for the State Government.

Shadow Minister for Families and Communities Ted Malone said the homelessness crisis generated by the floods was potentially the tip of an iceberg.

“Homelessness in Queensland had already jumped by 50 %* in the two years before the floods hit because Labor has dragged its feet in providing solutions.” Mr. Malone said.

“There wasn’t enough shelter or support for Queensland’s homeless before the floods, and the shortage has escalated dramatically since.”


“If our fellow Queenslanders are not given the support they need, in terms of shelter, counselling or other assistance, a human crisis will quickly develop.” Mr. Malone said.

“Individuals and families who’ve lost the roof over their heads and their possessions are in a fragile state that could be exacerbated by further damage to mental and physical health caused by homelessness.”

Mr. Malone said there were already 400,000 Queenslanders on the poverty line and the LNP was committed to working with them to prevent the number living rough increasing.

“The Liberal National Party (LNP) is committed to giving non-government welfare agencies better resources and less bureaucracy to provide better early intervention for people at risk of homelessness, as well as better organisation of the housing register.”

Mr. Malone said the LNP would ensure areas of high need were targeted for more housing and more support.

* Salvation Army statement June 29, 2010 homeless jumped from 1,000 in 2008 to more than 1,500 in 2010.