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Tasmania Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff

Estimates Uncovers Government Incompetence And Waste

Victor P Taffa

Estimates hearings are an important part of our democracy because they ensure the government of the day is properly scrutinised and held to account over how they manage precious and limited tax payer funds, Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff said.

“If ever a government needed to be scrutinised it is the Labor-Green minority disaster. Under Labor Premier Lara Giddings’ leadership Tasmania is in recession, we have the biggest deficit in Tasmanian history and over 10,000 full time jobs have been lost.”


In estimates this week a wide range of issues of concern were uncovered, including:

  • New details in the Greenberry affair surrounding the payout he received.
  • Former Labor Premier Paul Lennon has financially benefited from a deal which saw the state government hand over a $1.6 Million parcel of land at no cost to Brighton Council.
  • Minister O’Byrne had kept secret for weeks an NBN stoppage which has impacted over 300 workers and put Tasmanian businesses at risk of closing.
  • Minister Bryan Green was totally unaware of the risk that Simplot could close in Devonport.
  • The Greens have a secret plan to tax tourism operators.
  • The Royal Hobart Hospital redevelopment is at least 10 months behind schedule.
  • There are 149 fewer teachers and 134 fewer Teacher assistants since Mr. McKim became Education Minister.
  • Nick McKim has omitted from the budget $248 Million in federal funds set aside for Gonski reforms.
  • The government has no idea if $900,000 for regional year 11 and 12 will get one extra student back into the education system or how it will be spent.
  • There will be massive job losses at Aurora and Transend as a result of Bryan Greens decision to burden the businesses with debt from the Tamar Valley Power Station.
  • The government has already spent the $103 Million it received from selling off TOTE.
  • The Greens have skulked out of Cabinet 11 times in the past year ignoring their responsibilities to govern.
  • Ministerial offices are spending around $10,000 a week on travel the equivalent of a first class trip to Paris every week.
  • $22 Million has been spent on health consultants.
  • A $1.3 Billion red and Green tape bill is strangling Tasmanian businesses.

For those people who think that only having two tiers of Government in Australia instead of the three that exists at present will be the solution to every problem should think again. Local Government also knows how to mismanage taxpayer’s funds.


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