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New South Wales Minister for Environment Gabrielle Upton

Centennial Park Gathers More Gold

Victor P Taffa

Sydney’s Centennial Parklands has won yet more awards for excellence.

“Having gained 9 awards in the last year alone and a National Heritage Listing, Centennial Park, has just won 3 more prestigious awards.” Minister for Environment Gabrielle Upton said.

“I congratulate the hard-working Centennial Parklands team on their commitment to create and deliver an outstanding and unique community asset that is gaining world recognition.”

At last night’s World Urban Parks Congress presentation ceremony held in Melbourne, Centennial Park was awarded:

  • Australia’s Best Play Space over $500,000 for The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden,
  • 6th consecutive international Green Flag Award,
  • Presented with its gold International Large Urban Parks Association Award, announced in July this year.

“Here in Sydney we’ve known for a long time what a treasure we have in Centennial Park and now it is being recognised as one of the world’s best open spaces.” Minister Upton said.

“Ian Potter Children’s Wild Play Garden, which celebrates its first birthday this Thursday 18 October, was recognised as the best in Australia for its unique approach to child learning and engagement, designed to engage the 5 senses and reconnect children to nature.” Minster Upton said.

“It’s one of the park’s most popular family attractions and has attracted more than 230,000 visitors since it opened last year.” Minister Upton said.

“Green Flag Award recognises and rewards well managed parks and green spaces, setting the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world.”

“That Centennial Park has been awarded 6 consecutive Green Flag Awards is a tribute to its status as one of the world’s best public parks.” Minister Upton said.

NSW Minister for Environment Gabrielle Upton









Centennial Park

Comprising about 360 ha (890 acres), the lands encompass Centennial Park, Moore Park and Queen’s Park.

In 1887 Premier of New South Wales Sir Henry Parkes after winning his 5th election aged 71 years turned his mind to creating a large expansive park to celebrate the colony’s centenary in 1888.

An Act of Parliament that created the Park passed Parliament on 13 July 1887.

Centennial Park was incorporated as a Park on 26 January 1888 to celebrate the Centenary of the establishment of Sydney and European settlement on 26 January 1788.

Sir Henry Parkes Total Time In Office 11 Years 278 Days

Sir Henry Parkes         Free Trade 8 March 1889-23 Oct. 1891         (2 Years 229 Days)

Sir Henry Parkes         Free Trade 25 Jan. 1887-16 Jan. 1889            (1 Year 357 Days)

Sir Henry Parkes                                 21 Dec. 1878-4 Jan. 1883       (4 Years 14 Days)

Henry Parkes                                       22 March 1877-16 Aug. 1877 (147 Days)

Henry Parkes                                       14 May 1872-8 Feb. 1875      (2 Yr 270 Days)

Sir Henry Parkes was for many decades an advocate for the joining of 6 colonies into a Federation of States as one united nation.

Centennial Park was the location of the commencement of the Federation of Australia on 1 January 1901.

60,000 people gathered to witness the ceremony as Queen Victoria’s official proclamation was read by Australia’s first Governor-General, Lord Hopetoun

Federal ministers were then sworn in after a twenty-one gun salute. These Ministers included:

  • The Right Honorable Edmund Barton P.C., Q.C.; Prime Minister (1 Jan 1901 – 24 Sep 1903);
  • The Honorable Alfred Deakin; Attorney-General (later became Prime Minister);
  • The Right Honorable George Turner P.C., K.C.M.G.; Treasurer;
  • The Honorable Sir William John Lyne K.C.M.G.; Minister for Home Affairs;
  • The Right Honorable Charles Cameron Kingston P.C., Q.C.; Minister for Trade and Customs;
  • The Honorable Sir James Robert Dickson K.C.M.G.; Defence Minister;
  • The Right Honorable Sir John Forrest P.C., G.C.M.G; Postmaster-General;
  • The Honorable Richard Edward O’Connor Q.C.; named honorary minister without a portfolio;
  • The Honorable Neil Elliot Lewis; named honorary minister without a portfolio.

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