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Victoria Minister for Crime Prevention Andrew McIntosh

Leader Of The House

Victoria Legislative Assembly

Notice was given this morning that this motion will be debated in the Legislative Assembly

Victor P Taffa


LEADER OF THE HOUSE – to move THAT this House:

1.        Censures the Member for Essendon for his gross misconduct in public office as Minister for Planning for:

(a)        engaging in a ‘sham’ community consultation process, to subvert proper planning process for the Hotel Windsor’s redevelopment;
(b)        making false statements to the Parliament about his knowledge of the ‘sham process’ and whether he had received the independent advisory committee report; and
(c)        making false and misleading statements to the Standing Committee on Finance and Public Administration;

which renders his continuation on the frontbench of the Opposition untenable;

2.        Calls on the Member for Essendon to resign his frontbench position and, if he refuses, for the Leader of the Opposition to dismiss him.

3.        Notes that if the Member for Essendon refuses to resign from the frontbench or is not dismissed by the Leader of the Opposition, this will be public acknowledgement that the Leader views this conduct by the Member for Essendon to be of a standard acceptable to the Opposition.



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