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Western Australia Minister for Transport Rita Saffioti

CCTV Rollout To Increase Safety At Boating Hotspots

Victor P Taffa

  • New CCTV systems for boating hotspots to monitor on-water safety compliance
  • Belmont trial led to a large increase in fines issued and safer boating behaviour
  • Consideration underway of potential for mobile units to be used at large events
  • Narrows Bridge, Deepwater Point and Point Walter selected for latest rollout

A successful trial of CCTV at the Belmont boat ramp has reduced risky behaviour on the Swan River, prompting a wider rollout of CCTV in popular Perth boating locations.

“As summer approaches and the number of people out enjoying themselves on the water increases dramatically, this is a reminder of the importance of safe boating.” Minister for Transport Rita Saffioti said.


“Just like drivers on the road, skippers have a responsibility to obey the rules of the waterways for their own protection, and the safety of other water users. Unfortunately it can sometimes be difficult to police these areas.”

Department of Transport cameras have been installed at the South Perth personal water craft (PWC) freestyle area, Deepwater Point and Point Walter after the trial of CCTV at the Belmont water ski area.

During the 6 months from January-June 2018, 64 infringements and 267 cautions were issued at Belmont. In the same period in 2017, only 4 infringements and 16 cautions were issued.

Trial also reduced risky boating behaviour with evidence of self-regulation, safer waterway use and a decline in non-compliance at Belmont. There were very few instances of repeat offending after infringements were issued.

In recent years there have been a concerning amount of injuries and fatalities on Western Australian waters, with 25 lives lost due to recreational boating accidents in the past 4 years.

$1.5 Million, 5-year contract provides access to other government agencies for real time monitoring and increased public safety. State-of-the-art analytics programs are used to filter the footage which can also be used in marine incident investigations.

Potential for a mobile CCTV unit is under consideration for use at other key locations, and for monitoring large on-water events such as Australia Day.


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