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Victoria Minister for Crime Prevention Andrew McIntosh

Chapel Street Safety Boosted With Funding For CCTV

Victor P Taffa

Crime Prevention Minister Andrew McIntosh made the landmark announcement in Chapel Street today, fulfilling a key Coalition election promise.

“Chapel Street attracts visitors from all over Melbourne and the world.” Mr. McIntosh said.

“It has so much to offer and now it will be safer too.”

The precinct’s bars, restaurants, nightclubs and boutiques can attract as many as 10,000 people at once in peak times. With the influx though, comes the threat of street violence a threat which has all too frequently become a reality.

For several years the City of Stonnington and local traders have been crying out for assistance to install CCTV cameras. The Coalition made an election promise that help was on its way, and is today delivering on that promise.


“This money will pay for the installation of 10 CCTV cameras in Chapel Street’s worst hot spots for crime and anti-social behaviour. Prahran Police will monitor and store the footage, which will assist in investigation and prosecution and help deter crime.” Mr. McIntosh said.

Also attending the announcement were Member for Prahran Clem Newton-Brown and Stonnington Mayor John Chandler. Council will also contribute $90,000 to the project, as well as the ongoing costs.

“The City of Stonnington welcomes the Coalition Government’s funding contribution which will help ensure the Chapel Street precinct is a safe and well-managed place to visit, work and live.” Cr. Chandler said.

“The funding will extend the coverage of CCTV in the area from five to 10 cameras at key locations determined in consultation with local Police from South Yarra to Windsor. The new equipment will ensure up-to-date technology and improved image clarity.”

Member for Prahran Clem Newton-Brown, who campaigned heavily on this issue, applauded the announcement, congratulating the Minister for Crime Prevention and the Mayor of Stonnington for their contribution to this important initiative.

“The people of Stonnington made it very clear to me safety in and around Chapel Street was a key issue. The Coalition promised these cameras while in Opposition and we are now delivering on that promise. I am delighted to be standing here today with the Crime Prevention Minister, Andrew McIntosh as we announce this historic funding.” Mr. Newton-Brown said.


Clem Newton-Brown Prahran MLA

Clem Newton-Brown Prahran MLA










The Chapel Street project is part of the Coalition Government’s strong commitment to crime prevention measures.

In this term of government, $39 Million has been allocated to fund lighting, improve urban design, CCTV infrastructure, graffiti removal projects and programs to prevent violence against women and children.

Just this week Mr McIntosh announced grants worth a total of $2.4 Million to fund crime prevention infrastructure projects across Victoria.

“The key is to listen to communities.” Mr. McIntosh said.

“Local communities are best placed to identify crime problems in their midst and decide on the solutions which will best suit them, and with these grants the Coalition Government is supporting their efforts.”


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