Caulfield District Victoria State Election 2018 Provisional Results Announced

Caulfield District Victoria State Election 2018 Provisional Results Announced

Polling Day 24 November 2018

Victoria Electoral Commission

Provisional Results Announced For Caulfield District

Victor P Taffa

Victoria Electoral Commission has released Provisional Vote Results for the Caulfield District in the Victoria State Election held on Saturday 24 November 2018.

Friday 30 November was the last day that Victoria Electoral Commission allowed Postal Votes to be accepted into the count.

Total Enrolment as at close of rolls: 45,222

Formal Votes: 38,103

Informal Votes: 1,734 (4.35% of the total votes)

Total Votes: 39,837 (88.09% of the total enrolment as at the close of rolls rechecked)


First Preference Votes In Ballot Paper Order

Candidate                         Party     1st Pref Votes            % of 1st Pref Votes

SOUTHWICK, David            LIB                 17,853                         46.85%

GRASSO, Sorina                    ALP                13,051                         34.25%

EVANS, Troy                         AJP                 1,152                           3.02%

BAVATI, Aviya                     SUS                 665                              1.75%

MATHEW, Dinesh                 GRN               5,382                           14.12%

Results Not Final


Two Candidate Preferred Vote

Candidate                      Party               Preferred Votes         % of Preferred Votes

SOUTHWICK, David            LIB                 19,260                                      50.54%

GRASSO, Sorina                    ALP                18,850                                       49.46%



LIB                 Liberal Party

ALP                Australian Labor Party

AJP                 Animal Justice Party

SUS                 Sustainable Australia

GRN               Australian Greens