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Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

$1.3Million To Restore Historic Maryborough Station

Victor P Taffa

Maryborough’s historic 1890 Railway Station will soon be a reflection of its former glory with stage two works now underway to restore the platform verandah, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said today.

Mr. Mulder said the $1.3 Million works will restore the historic verandah and provide passengers with a safe and comfortable platform area.

“These repair works meet the needs of today’s passengers while being sensitive to the station’s history evident in the Queen Anne style red brick and large bluestone steps which form the entrance to the base.” Mr. Mulder said.

Mr. Mulder said the heritage works required specialist skilled labour and materials sourced from across the country.


“Skilled tradesman and heritage staff are continuing to restore the historic station and deliver an upgraded facility for passengers.” Mr. Mulder said.

“Platform verandah works include demolition works, metal roofing and associated works, glazing and timberwork and painting.”

“The earlier works included replacement of laminated glass panels, repair of timber louvres, installation of approved heritage corrugated metal roofing and guttering, replacement of all curved downpipes and even the eviction of honey bees nesting in the chimneys.” Mr. Mulder said.

Stage two will continue works to repair the platform verandah under plans approved by Heritage Victoria.

Mr. Mulder said that V/Line trains would not be impacted by the works.

“From the first train on Tuesday 19 July, works to repair the verandah have required passenger trains to operate out of the Melbourne end of the platform.” Mr. Mulder said.

“Passengers will access the platform and trains via covered walkways and are asked to observe safety signs.”

Mr. Mulder said the heritage works have presented challenges due to the complexity of the works, adverse weather and difficulty in sourcing heritage-approved materials.

“An example of the complexity of the works was the treatment of over 100 sheets of heritage glass by a heat strengthening/ lamination process; administered by a specialist glazier in Queensland.” Mr. Mulder said.

Mr. Mulder said the $1.3 Million works were funded by the Coalition Government and managed by VicTrack under plans approved by Heritage Victoria and were expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Constructed in 1890, the station is listed as historically and architecturally significant to the state of Victoria. It houses an antique emporium, café and art gallery and attracts thousands of visitors each year.


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