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Federal Nationals Leader Warren Truss

Victor P Taffa

The Rudd Labor Government’s proposed carbon pollution reduction tax has claimed its first victim with the announcement today that Cement Australia’s Rockhampton plant is to be mothballed from September this year according to Federal Leader of The Nationals and Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Warren Truss.

“The Liberal and National Parties have warned that Labor’s carbon pollution reduction tax will lead to job losses and we are now seeing the beginning of the real impact of the scheme.”

Cement Australia specifically cited the Rudd Government’s carbon pollution reduction tax as one of the reasons for the closure of its Rockhampton plant in its statement saying “The Federal Government’s determination to pass the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme has meant the long term prospects for the plant have been undermined so the business has taken a decision to resolve the matter in fairness to our employees.”

“Cement production is a significant CO2 emitter and therefore faces severe cost increases under Labor’s carbon pollution reduction tax. Other cement production will also be endangered. The tax acts as an incentive for these industries to leave Australia and relocate to other countries without a comparable carbon tax, costing local jobs while doing nothing to reduce global carbon emissions.” Mr. Truss said.

Cement manufacture in Australia produces .8 tonnes of CO2 emissions per tonne of cement. When Australian cement plants close we will import cement from China where the CO2 emissions average 1.1 tonnes per tonne of cement. Australian cement industry jobs will be lost but global carbon emissions will actually go up!” Mr. Truss said.

This announcement is another blow to the Central Queensland economy which has already felt the impact of the downturn in the resources sector. “The wealth driving regions of our nation are already experiencing difficult times and the flawed carbon pollution reduction scheme will make things worse. The tax will cause job losses and increase the cost of living for Australian households as rising energy costs and emission taxes are ultimately passed onto consumers under Labor’s defective emissions trading plan.” Mr. Truss said.

“Australia’s total emissions are only 1.4% of global carbon emissions. The action that we take will have a negligible effect on the environment but a devastating impact on jobs, the economy and the cost of living.” Mr. Truss said

“It is time that the Member for Capricornia, Ms Kirsten Livermore and Member for Flynn, Mr Chris Trevor, stand up for their communities and common sense and point out the defects in Labor’s emissions trading scheme and loudly say NO to Kevin Rudd.”

What is apparent is that the Carbons Tax is simply a new tax and not an improvement to the environment. 


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