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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Climate Change Matthew Groom

Where Is Tasmania’s Carbon Price Impact Study?

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania appears to be the only state not to have commissioned a detailed expert analysis on the impact of the carbon tax on the state’s economy and the Premier refuses to say why, according to Shadow Minister for Climate Change Matthew Groom.

“The Government claims the carbon tax will benefit Tasmania but where is the evidence of this? In fact, the evidence is that the carbon price will disproportionately disadvantage Tasmania, because even though we’ve already made the transition to renewable energy, we’re still going to have the carbon tax applied to our power bills.”

“Tasmanians are entitled to know the truth. The Premier’s head in the sand approach has to stop. Tasmanians can no longer afford to have a government that is willfully blind to the impact that a carbon tax will have on the state.” Mr. Groom said.


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