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Polling Day Saturday 12 November 2016

New South Wales Electoral Commission

Canterbury State By-Election First Preference Count

Victor P Taffa

The New South Wales Electoral Commission has released the First Preference Votes of duly nominated candidates for the Canterbury State By-Election that was held on Saturday 12 November 2016.

No. Of Electors 57,264

Count Not Final

3 Candidates Listed In Ballot Paper Order

Candidate                              Party                        Votes               % Vote/Ballot Papers

KOUROUSHIS, Branka        CDP                                6,530               18.54%

BODELL, Kristian                 The Greens                  4,909               14.29%

COTSIS, Sophie                     Labor                             21,526             62.46%

Total Formal                                                              32,965             95.29%

Total Informal                                                           1,812               4.71%

Total Votes/Ballot Papers                                    34,777             100.00%


Two Candidate Preferred

Candidate                              Party                    Votes               % Vote

KOUROUSHIS, Branka        CDP                            8,688               22.1%

COTSIS, Sophie                     Labor                           30,747             77.9%



CDP                Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)


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