Candidates For Herbert Division Federal Election 2016

Candidates For Herbert Division Federal Election 2016

Federal Election Polling Day Saturday 2 July 2016

Australian Electoral Commission

Victor P Taffa

Herbert Division Voters Have Their Say

The Australian Electoral Commission has released duly nominated candidates in the House of Representatives Division of Herbert at the Federal Election to be held on Saturday 2 July 2016.

9 Candidates Listed In Ballot Paper Order

Candidate                                          Party

PUNSHON, Michael                          Family First

DWYER, Colin                                  Katter’s Australian Party

BREWSTER, Martin                          Palmer United Party

VIRGO, Geoff                                    Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

O’TOOLE, Cathy                               Australian Labor Party

TUBMAN, Wendy                             The Greens

JONES, Ewen                                     Liberal National Party of Queensland

RAFFIN, Aaron                                 Glenn Lazarus Team

HARRIS, David                                 Liberal Democrats