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Victoria Minister for Health David Davis

Daffodil Day Growing Hope For Victorians With Cancer

Victor P Taffa

More Victorians than ever before are winning their fight against cancer, with new statistics showing five-year survival rates have increase to 65 %.

Minister for Health David Davis today launched Cancer Council Victoria’s annual Daffodil Day campaign and the Victorian Cancer Registry’s Cancer Survival Monagraph.

“This year’s Daffodil Day message of ‘Grow Hope’ highlights the advances we have made in being able to successfully treat cancer.” Mr. Davis said.

“Today’s new report on cancer survival which shows the five-year survival rate for Victorian’s diagnosed with cancer is now 65 % underscores this message of hope.”

“That is 65 % of Victorians diagnosed with cancer in 2007 were still alive in 2012. This survival rate is in contrast to 60 % just five years ago.”


Mr. Davis said these improved survival rates are very encouraging and certainly give real cause for hope for those diagnosed with cancer and their family and loved ones.

“This is part of an ongoing trend which has seen improved rates of survival for many cancers over time and a reduction in the incidence rates for some.” Mr. Davis said.

“We have seen changes in behaviour with reduced smoking rates, an increased use of hats, sunscreens and sunshades, and uptake of cancer screening programs.”

“We have seen the introduction of new and better treatments and approaches to screening and tests to help us diagnose cancer earlier.”

“We have seen Victoria become a national leader in cancer control and cancer research.”

Mr. Davis said the Victorian Government and the Cancer Council have worked together for many years on programs that has contributed to the ongoing improvements in our fight against cancer.

“The Cancer Council’s work has been invaluable in helping to improve cancer survival rates, including through its public awareness campaigns, patient support, cancer prevention programs, behavioural and epidemiological research, information and education services and advocacy.” Mr. Davis said.

“Daffodil Day provides the opportunity for Victorians to acknowledge the burden of cancer, remember those impacted and make their own small contribution towards reducing that burden.”

Daffodil Day is the largest national fundraising event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere raising funds for cancer research, prevention and support services.

Donations from the purchase of daffodils will be helping Cancer Council raise funds to support vital cancer research, develop cancer prevention programs, and provide patient support for the many Australian lives affected by cancer.


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