Cancer Patients Now Able To Receive Treatment Locally

Cancer Patients Now Able To Receive Treatment Locally

Western Australia Minister for Health Roger Cook

Western Australia Gets Personal About Targeting Cancer

Victor P Taffa

  • New hope for patients with rare and uncommon cancers
  • Treatments to target patients’ own cancers
  • State steps in to expedite start of potentially lifesaving cancer trials

Western Australia cancer patients with the most aggressive and deadly cancers will have access to the latest in personalised drug trials as a result of State Government support for a national cancer program.

“This is a really exciting development for Western Australians with cancer.” Minister for Health Roger Cook said.

“Personalised medicine is one of the new frontiers of science, and this initiative will enable Western Australia cancer patients to access cutting-edge medicine without the cost or upheaval of travelling interstate.”


Under the new initiative, announced today by Western Australia Health Minister Roger Cook, patients with rare and advanced-stage cancers will be able to access trials under the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Program, without having to travel interstate.

Development follows provision of seed funding from the Western Australia Department of Health to the State’s leading clinical trials facility, Linear Clinical Research, to offer the latest in personalised cancer drug trials.

These trials enable patients to undergo treatment tailored to their individual cancer, based on a genetic profile of their cancer.

Garvan Institute of Medical Research in New South Wales has been running the personalised medicine trials for the past 6 years. Despite being open to patients outside of New South Wales, interstate patients were expected to meet their own travel expenses.

Under the new arrangements, Western Australia patients already matched to one of the trials will be able to receive treatment at Linear’s clinical facility based at the QEII Medical Centre.

Additionally, Western Australia patients will soon be able to undergo genetic testing locally through PathWest potentially being matched to one of the cancer treatments available under the program.

Initiative comes ahead of recently announced Federal funding for the Program which will enable patients across Australia to access the personalised treatment in their home states.

Without the State Government money, access to the program would not have been available to Western Australia patients until next year at the earliest.

Western Australia initiative gives them immediate access to the program.

Linear is the State’s only early phase trials unit, and 1 of only 5 such facilities in Australia, that offers trials to healthy volunteers and patients from national and international start-up biotech and multinational pharmaceutical companies.