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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Police Elise Archer

Which Rural Towns Are In The Firing Line This Time Minister?

Victor P Taffa

The Police Minister must immediately tell Tasmanians exactly which Police stations are on the Green-Labor hit list for closure, Shadow Minister for Police Elise Archer said today.

“Only weeks after the Government back flipped on its decision to close 20 schools, it now appears that up to 30 Police stations, many in rural and regional towns have been flagged for closure a move that will destroy many communities.”

“Police numbers in Tasmania are already well below other states. A further decrease and the closure of stations will undoubtedly result in higher rates of crime, longer response times and greater pressure on community safety.” Ms. Archer said.

“The Police Minister has already admitted that the state will lose 37 Police officers over the next 12 months, coming on top of the closure of the Cold Case Unit, and the indefinite delay of Police recruitment courses.”

“Tasmanians can no longer afford to be punished as a result of years of gross financial mismanagement by this Government.”

“It is time that the Minister came clean to Tasmanians and outlined exactly how he intends to find the $8 Million of savings required within the Police Department in this financial year alone, and which stations will close as a result.” Ms. Archer said.


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