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Victoria Minister for Health David Davis

Canberra Ripoff Pulls $107 Million From Victorian Hospitals

Victor P Taffa

The Federal Government plans to rip more than $100 Million out of Victoria’s public hospitals this year to prop up its own budget with a scam based on dodgy population figures, Victorian Health Minister David Davis said today.

The ripoff includes $40 Million which has been long spent by our hospitals from the 2011/12 year, and a further $67 Million from hospital budgets which have already been set and signed off on for the current year which are already almost half gone.

“This is part of an outrageous $475 Million Commonwealth reduction in the Health Agreement.” Mr. Davis said.

“The Commonwealth has made these cuts since the May 2012 Budget.”

“It is an outrageous bid by the Federal Government to prop up its own promised Budget surplus by ripping money out of Victorian hospitals and away from Victorian patients.” Mr. Davis said.

“I call on Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek to put an immediate stop to this plan to pull money out of Victorian hospitals.”

Mr. Davis said the Federal Government was trying to justify its cash grab on the absurd basis that it claimed Victoria’s population fell by more than 11,000 in 2011.

“Canberra has tried to sell its population figures on estimates dating back to the 2006 Census.” Mr. Davis said.

“However, its very own Commonwealth Statistician has caught it out and produced figures that confirms that Victoria’s population grew by 75,400 people in 2011.”

“Anyone who has seen the new suburbs grow virtually overnight in our outer suburban growth areas will confirm the absurdity of the claim that our population has dropped.”

Mr. Davis said the funds grab was on top of the $6.1 Billion loss in GST revenue suffered by Victoria since the Coalition Government came into office.

Mr. Davis said Victoria had signed up to be part of national health reforms on the basis that there would be a transparent and co-operative sharing of health costs, particularly as hospital demands grew.

“However, this is national stealth, not national health, and Victoria will not sit back and watch the loss of such a significant amount of money from our hospitals.” Mr. Davis said.

“The loss of $100 Million this year is the equivalent of the closure of many hospital wards, thousands of elective surgery procedures or the closure of a medium-sized hospital.”

“I call on the Federal Government to put an immediate stop to this proposed ripoff from Victorian hospitals.” Mr. Davis said.


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