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Australian Capital Territory Minister for Transport Meegan Fitzharris

Two Sleeps Until Canberra’s Light Rail Officially Leaves The Station

Victor P Taffa

Lucky winners of the community ballot will be among the first people to ride light rail as part of today’s Community Preview Loop before the official launch of light rail this Saturday.

“This is such an exciting time for Canberra and our lucky winners will join school students, charities and stakeholders to be among the first to ride light rail today.” Minister for Transport Meegan Fitzharris said.

“Rest of the community is invited to come along to Saturday’s community launch, which will run from 9 am-4 pm with events in Gungahlin and the City and free travel all day.”

Minister Fitzharris confirmed the necessary third-party accreditations have now been received, giving the green light to begin taking passengers.

“On projects of this kind, final paperwork is generally received very close to operations starting so it was not at all unusual that sign off was this week.” Minister Fitzharris said.

“Canberrans can be confident that we have a world-class light rail system which is set to revolutionise transport in our city.”

Additional light rail features will be phased in over the coming weeks. This means the finishing touches to landscaping and road surfaces will continue, final permanent balustrades will be installed at intersections and any other minor issues that need work will be fixed by Canberra Metro at no cost to the Territory.

ACT Minister for Transport Meegan Fitzharris









Passenger experience will keep getting better as drivers get used to taking passengers and journey times and frequency continue to improve.


Canberra Metro’s Light Rail Vehicle Inside Mitchell Depot waiting to commence Tram Services following completion of system testing.


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