Canberra Light Rail Fare-Free Period Ends On 26 May 2019

Canberra Light Rail Fare-Free Period Ends On 26 May 2019

Australian Capital Territory Minister for Transport Meegan Fitzharris

Final Days Of Free Travel On Canberra’s Public Transport Network

Victor P Taffa

Canberra Light Rail fare-free period ends on Sunday 26 May, with paid services starting the next day on Monday 27 May.


“So far, more than 1,629,720 passenger journeys have been made by Canberrans using the new services, with record numbers recorded on every measure.” Minister for Transport Meegan Fitzharris said.

“We’ve offered a month of free travel to help people give it a go and get used to the new network. While this has been a big adjustment for a number of regular users, feedback is already showing people, including school students, are starting to get used to the changes and find a route that works best for them.”

“We are also hearing more each day from new and existing users about how the new network has given them added options, and that they are now using public transport more, and in some cases using public transport for the first time.” Minister Fitzharris said.

“We are also giving priority to school-related travel issues, and Transport Canberra have been talking to schools, monitoring services and making adjustments. And our Transport Officers, Customer Service Assistants and other staff have been out and about, helping people at interchanges and at light rail stops.”

“We hope people will continue to use public transport after the free period concludes, and we will keep monitoring the system as people settle into travel patterns and get used to our new integrated public transport network.” Minister Fitzharris said.

ACT Minister for Transport Meegan Fitzharris









Canberrans are being reminded to top up their MyWay cards and avoid fines of up to $181 for travelling without a ticket from Monday 27 May.

It is also important that customers remember to tap off on all services, including light rail, to ensure they pay the lowest possible MyWay fare.


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