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Victoria Minister for Education Martin Dixon

Education Minister Launches Victorian Government Campaign On National Anti-Bullying Day

Victor P Taffa

Education Minister Martin Dixon today invited every Victorian school student to get involved in taking a stand against bullying by naming the Victorian Coalition Government’s new anti-bullying campaign.

“We’re asking students to help us name the campaign that will be used to raise awareness of the damage bullying and cyberbullying does to young people’s lives.” Mr. Dixon said.

Mr. Dixon today visited St. Albans Secondary College to outline the Victorian Coalition Government’s commitment to tackling cyberbullying on the second annual National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

“Through Brodie’s Law the Victorian Government has put in place the legal framework to protect young people; with eSmart and other initiatives we have the programs in place, we have the money in place with $14.5 Million to tackle bullying, and now it is time to give young people a voice in saying enough is enough.” Mr. Dixon said.

Mr. Dixon said the campaign name would spearhead a range of activities designed to eliminate bullying and better protect young people from the pitfalls of social media.

“Activities could include students making short films about the impact bullying has on people’s lives, the development of new educational material for students and parents, to a road toll style campaign.” Mr. Dixon said.

“The one thing we want to make sure is that this campaign is for young people by young people.”

Mr. Dixon praised the leadership role played by St. Albans Secondary College in addressing bullying.

“St. Albans is a shining example of a school that is doing everything to ensure all students feel safe from bullies.” Mr. Dixon said.

Every term the school has a ‘name a bully day’, where students anonymously let teachers know if a fellow student is bullying them or a friend. The school hosts anti-bullying assemblies, plays, and students participate in a range of other activities all designed to educate them about the importance of being responsible online citizens.

Students who submit entries to name the anti-bullying campaign before Friday 1 June will go into the running to win iPads, an iPod nano or a $500 iTunes voucher.


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