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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

South Australia Shadow Minister for Health & Ageing Martin 

Health Is Over The Hill

Victor P Taffa

Ten years of Labor and seven years of Health Minister Hill have delivered financial chaos and failures at emergency departments.

It is time for Health Minister Hill to retire.

“After seven years in the job, Minister Hill has left South Australia with overstretched and under-resourced emergency departments. South Australia is now the worst performing state regarding compliance with the nationally agreed four-hour timeframe getting people out of emergency departments.” Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond said.

“Only one in four emergency patients and one in three urgent cases are not being seen within timeframe requirements across the Adelaide Health Service.”

“This situation has come to a head in recent weeks, with reports of eight ambulances ramping outside of the Flinders Medical Centre emergency department and crews being diverted to the southern suburbs to cope. The Opposition has also been informed that on Monday 19th March, the Lyell McEwin Hospital was flooded with 80 patients trying to squeeze into an emergency department with a capacity of 40.”

“On the 3rd of January, Ms. Stanislawa Gunther presented at Flinders Medical Centre in ambulance with a suspected stroke. She was not attended to by a doctor from 5 pm until midnight, which experts have advised would have almost certainly prevented a permanent disability and now requiring the full-time care of her daughter and family.” Shadow Health Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith said.

SA Shadow Minister for Health Martin Hamilton-Smith

SA Shadow Minister for Health Martin Hamilton-Smith










“The problems within our Health systems all trace back to the mismanagement of the Minister. He shirks responsibility, shifts blame elsewhere and has the wrong priorities.”

“Yesterday, the Minister finally tabled his department’s Annual Report, six months late. We are still waiting upon an Auditor-General’s report which is expected to savage the Minister’s maladministration of his botched Oracle IT system a disaster from start to finish.”

“When you can’t run our hospitals, when you can’t pay your bills, when you can’t produce financial reports on time, when you fail audit, it’s time to go.” Ms. Redmond said.


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