Cairns The Location For Police Awards Ceremony

Cairns The Location For Police Awards Ceremony

Queensland Minister for Police Mark Ryan

Far North District Police Officers Recognised In Awards Ceremony

Victor P Taffa

Police Minister Mark Ryan and Deputy Commissioner Bob Gee have congratulated Queensland Police Services (QPS) officers and staff, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) and Australian Federal Police members who received medals and awards at a ceremony in Cairns this morning.

Today’s presentation saw 47 officers and staff members from QPS recognised for their outstanding commitment to serve the Queensland community.

“Recipients today all have shown the professionalism that is a hallmark of the Queensland Police Service, Australian Federal Police and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.” Minister Ryan said.


“This ceremony is an opportunity for officers and staff of the 3 services to be presented a variety of National, State and local awards for length of service, diligence and meritorious duty.”

“Recipients have demonstrated a range of skills and attribute that highlight boundless dedication and commitment, not only to their profession, but also to Queensland communities.” Minister Ryan said.

“This is the very reason why Queenslanders place their faith and confidence in their emergency services this faith and confidence is not misguided.”

“They are a credit to their organisations, to the community they serve, and to their family and friends.” Minister Ryan said.

Deputy Commissioner Gee presented the Queensland Police Meritorious Service Medal to Senior Sergeants Gary Hunter and Mark Whitnall.

This award recognises members of the QPS who have provided a continued substantial contribution in a number of areas within the QPS over an extended period of time.

Senior Sergeants Hunter and Whitnall have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to remote and rural Policing throughout their career, particularly their devotion to improving Policing services to communities in the Far North District and ensuring the wellbeing of staff in such locations.

Deputy Commissioner Gee presented the Queensland Police Exemplary Conduct Medal to Senior Constable Angela Evans from Smithfield Division, Cairns for a role or duty which enhances the professional image of the QPS.

Minister Ryan and Deputy Commissioner Gee presented the national awards to officers, including the presentation of the National Medal and the National Police Service Medal.

3 Police officers were presented with clasps to the National Medal. Clasps to the National Medal are awarded for a further period of 10 years’ service.

9 Police officers were presented with the National Police Service Medal which acknowledges past and future commitment to ethical and diligent service.

Queensland Police Service Medal was awarded to 15 Police officers.

This award is approved by the Commissioner in recognition of diligent and ethical service by QPS employees after 10 years of full-time qualifying service.

A further 6 Police officers were presented the Queensland Police Service Medal Clasp awarded to officers upon completion of an extra 5 years of service.

Deputy Commissioner Gee presented:

  • 2 officers with their 30 years’ service clasp,
  • 3 officers with their 20 years’ service clasp,
  • 1 officer with their 15 years’ service clasp.

Deputy Commissioner Gee said members of the QPS faced challenging and dangerous situations every day working together to stop crime while exhibiting professionalism and a strong commitment to the community.

“Recipients who received awards today are a reflection of the high calibre of QPS members who have displayed the highest stands of ethical and diligent service.” Deputy Commissioner Gee said.

“They are a credit to the Queensland Police Service, to the community they serve, and to their family and friends.”