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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

$952 Million Interest: Weatherill’s Fifth Largest Department

Victor P Taffa

Mr. Weatherill’s Budget exposes his dangerously high $952 Million annual interest bill for what it really is SA’s fifth largest department.

That’s right if Mr. Weatherill’s $952 Million annual interest bill was a department, it would be South Australia’s fifth largest in 2016-17.

“From 2016-17, South Australians will be paying $952 Million in interest payments on debt that’s $2.6 Million interest a day.” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.


“In fact, Mr. Weatherill’s $952 Million annual interest bill is larger than the entire Police budget in 2016/17, which is $867 Million.”

“Mr. Weatherill spends more on his annual interest bill than he does on the department designed to keep South Australians safe!” Mr. Marshall said.

“Premier Weatherill has demonstrated that he cannot be trusted to do what is in the best interests of South Australian families and businesses.”

“Mr. Weatherill’s high debt, high deficit and high interest bill will drive up cost of living pressures for South Australians.” Mr. Marshall said.

“This high debt, high deficit Budget is spending money South Australians don’t have and this high interest bill is money that future generations will have to repay.”

“Mr. Weatherill can’t be trusted to manage the State’s economy, he can’t be trusted to deliver what he promises and he can’t be trusted to manage our State’s future.” Mr. Marshall said.

“It’s simply dangerous for Mr. Weatherill to be spending more money on repaying his record debt bill than on Police, who are there to protect South Australians.”

“It appears that South Australians also need protecting from Mr. Weatherill, who is a danger to the economy, a danger to families and a danger to small business.”

“South Australians are paying for 11 years of reckless spending and financial mismanagement from Mr. Weatherill and Labor what South Australians deserve is a government with better priorities to get our State back on track.” Mr. Marshall said.


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