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Western Australia Minister for Agriculture and Food Terry Redman

‘Be Vocal About Eating Local’ Campaign Lifts Awareness Of Local Produce

Victor P Taffa

An advertising campaign encouraging consumers to look for locally-produced food has struck a chord with consumers.

The campaign, ‘be vocal about eating local’, is an initiative of the Buy West Eat Best Program, a partnership between the State Government, growers, producers, manufacturers and retailers.

The Government has allocated $500,000 to further administer compliance and support the program for the next two years.




Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman said the campaign had significantly lifted consumer awareness of the Buy West Eat Best Brand.

An online survey by Synovate revealed 68 % of respondents who had seen the advertisements were encouraged to buy local produce more often.

Understanding of the brand was shown to be clearer, with 77 % recalling the buy Western Australian food message.

The ‘be vocal about eating local’ Campaign was launched in February this year featuring animated food and the voices of WA growers.

“The advertisements have helped increase recognition and understanding of the Buy West Eat Best Brand, which helps consumers support their local industry by easily identifying products grown, farmed, fished or produced in WA.” Mr. Redman said.

“We still have to lift brand prominence in the shops, but the program is making great progress.”

“Visibility of the brand in-store is a critical element in driving purchase of local food so it is vital participants in the program focus on this area and build on the momentum of the ‘be vocal about eating local’ campaign.” Mr. Redman said.

The Minister said the campaign had drawn strong support and financial contribution from many Buy West Eat Best members.

The program was launched to consumers in 2008 and has grown to 98 industry members.

Mr. Redman said the Government was in the process of working with industry to hand over the now established brand to a new entity.


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