Businesses To Become Flexible And Decide Trading Hours

Businesses To Become Flexible And Decide Trading Hours

Victoria Shadow Minister for Small Business & Tourism Louise Asher

Coalition Government Will Remove Labor’s Easter Sunday Trading Ban

Victor P Taffa

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will remove the ban on Easter Sunday trading, ensuring that businesses, especially those in Regional Areas, will be able to take advantage of high Tourist numbers during the busy Easter Period.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Small Business and Tourism Louise Asher made the announcement during the Victorian Tourism Industry Council Forum Today.

Ms. Asher said the Easter Sunday trading ban was promised by Labor in the 2002 Election Campaign and introduced by the Government in 2003, but its implementation has been riddled with anomalies.



“Each year the trading ban causes confusion and inconvenience, and impacts negatively on businesses and on tourism.” Ms. Asher said.

The Easter Sunday trading bans are applied to the Retail Sector in Victoria during a significant Tourism Period, and as a result it is estimated that Melbourne and Country Victoria lose tens of Millions of Dollars in Revenue.

The Liberal Nationals Coalition believes business should be free to make its own decision on whether to open or not.

“A Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will ensure that any business which wishes to trade on Easter Sunday will be legally able to do so and that the business itself will make that choice, not the Government.” Ms. Asher said.

The Easter Sunday Trading Ban was a case of Labor giving in to its Union Mates, the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association, who donated to Labor’s Election Campaign in 2002.

The Trading Bans mean a business with fewer than 20 Employees, such as a Milk Bar, Petrol Station or Café, is allowed to open, while larger Businesses such as Supermarkets or Large Variety Stores must remain Closed.

Over the years the Labor Government has provided a range of exemptions for larger Chain Hardware Stores and Plant Nurseries, allowing them to Trade on Easter Sunday regardless of their Employee Numbers.

There have also been exemptions granted to some Local Councils in Victoria, allowing all shops in exempted towns to open on Easter Sunday. All shops can open in Bendigo, but not in Ballarat or Geelong.

“The Easter Sunday Trading Bans are illogical and inconsistent and a Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will get rid of them.” Ms. Asher said.

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