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New South Wales Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson

Authority For Bushfire Fundraisers

Victor P Taffa

Following the unprecedented community response to the bushfire crisis, Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson has reminded those who have collected over $15,000 to apply for authority to fundraise.

“Community has done an extraordinary job fundraising for victims of bushfires, but with large amounts of money raised it is vital the appropriate safeguards are in place.” Minister Anderson said.

Anyone who has raised $15,000 or over needs to hold Charitable Fundraising Authority through Fair Trading NSW. Applications are free and can be arranged retrospectively, within one business day.


“We don’t want anyone’s fundraising efforts to be held up in red tape, which is why we’re doing our best to make the application process as quick and easy as possible.” Minister Anderson said.

“Larger, well-known charities also already hold licenses, so donating directly to them, or collecting money on their behalf, negates the need for any additional authority.”

With so many bushfire fundraising campaigns underway both in Australia and internationally, Minister Anderson also warned those donating to be diligent and aware of unscrupulous operators.

“Make sure you donate via an official verified website or directly to a well-known charity, do not to give money to cold callers, and always check the terms and conditions before paying.” Minister Anderson said.

“If you do come across a bushfire related scam, please don’t hesitate to contact the ACCC or Scamwatch to protect others from becoming victims of fraud.”


NSW               New South Wales

ACCC             Australian Competition and Consumer Commission


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